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feed MyMenus 1.52 Final, with Drag & Drop, Is Released (2016/9/13 13:50:00)
MyMenus 1.52 Final for XOOPS 2.5.8+ and PHP 5.5+ (incl. PHP 7) has been released - this release fixes issues with static methods discovered by Goffy.

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Thanks to Bleekk and the XOOPS Germany team , we have now "Drag & Drop" incorporated into MyMenus Module.

In the picture above, you can see the links as bars that you can drag around to set the sorting, as well as the sub-links:

Also incorporated are changes from Luciorota , who added an option to use skins from the theme.

As always, it is great to see when developers are working as team and are helping each other!

Download: GitHub

Issues/Bugs: please report them directly on GitHub

As always, we encourage everybody to fork it and help us by contributing back to the development.

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