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feed Release of xmcontent version 0.21 (2016/8/20 7:10:00)
I am pleased to announce the release of xmcontent 0.21 final !

Xmcontent is a simple content module for XOOPS. This module allows create content pages. The main point on the module:
•Individual permissions for all contents.
•Keywords (SEO) per content editable.
•Description (SEO) per content editable.
•Header and footer Customizable on the module home page.
•Selection xoops editor.

What's new in version 0.21:
•Use a css file personalized by content (you can add a custom css to a content).
•Use a template file personalized by content (you can add a custom template to a content).
•The XOOPS search is integrated.
•A short description of the content is available on the module home page

This is only the beginning, if you have suggestions for future versions is here: suggestions

Download: Releases
Bugs: Issues

The modules are optimized to run on the 2.5.8 version of XOOPS, but it works on 2.5.7.

Important: The templates use Bootstrap, so you must use a Bootstrap theme, e.g. xBootstrap that comes with XOOPS 2.5.8

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